2021.34 June 2021


  • Add the ability to rename requests
  • UI cleanup of detail views
2021.231 May 2021


A few small UX improvments:

  • Automatically extract request schema and query string from URLs after editing the URL
  • Limit HTTP exchange items listed in the sidebar and sort them by the creation date
  • Right Click to delete exchange items
  • Reconnect/Resend requests from the exchange
2021.130 April 2021


Full rewrite of the application to natively support macOS on Intel and Apple Silicon 🎉

Cleora 2021.1 Screenshot

Cleora is also now a document based application!

  • Adding macOS support, a single purchase on the app store now includes moth the iOS/iPadOS application and the macOS application.
  • Using new networking stack now accurately respects header order and supports repeated headers with the same key both in the request and in the response.
  • Save and share your api collections to disk.
2020.112 October 2020


Small bug fixes and changes to remove subscription pricing.

2020.1017 September 2020


In this version we added support for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

2020.931 August 2020


  • Fixed bug with scrolling in request list, when summoning a context menu
  • Made it easier to focus on text fields in headers and query parameters
  • Fixed race condition in body subviews
2020.811 August 2020


  • Request and response body previews for various content types such as HTML, PDF and images
  • Unlimited size for HTTP request and WebSocket message bodies as file attachments to your project on iPad
  • Export of request and response bodies through share sheet
  • WebSocket message templates as text or file attachments on iPad
  • Autocomplete suggestions for common header names and values
  • General UI fixes and improvements, such as scroll to new messages in active WebSocket connections and reduced flickering in edit mode
2020.75 May 2020


  • Added state restoration on HTTP and WebSocket exchange history: the app now remembers the selected state per request
  • UI improvements to reduce flickering while typing
  • Fixed crashes when navigating with keyboard shortcuts while a context menu or a popover is open
2020.616 April 2020


  • Improved state restoration
  • New keyboard shortcuts for navigating the list view
  • Updated app icon
2020.56 April 2020


  • Improved mouse cursor support
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for creating new requests and messages, duplicating, deleting and renaming records in the list
  • New icons for switching between request editing and connection history views
2020.424 March 2020


  • Better error handling for licensing and document errors
2020.312 March 2020


  • Rename requests in the list from the long press context menu
  • View the request elapsed time in the response view
  • Select All option now available in text views
  • Performance improvements to scrolling in line-numbered text view
2020.25 March 2020


  • Duplicate or delete requests from the list by long pressing on a request with new context menus
  • Save common messages for WebSocket connections directly from the list of requests
  • Bug fixes
1.025 February 2020


Cleora is Live!