Native HTTP & WebSocket Client for iOS, iPadOS & macOS

Cleora is an advanced developer tool for testing and documenting APIs.
It lets you create HTTP requests, inspect server responses, open multiple WebSocket connections at once and save common messages for reuse.

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Modern UI that scales from iPhone Mini to ProDisplay XDR

Looks beautiful in both dark and light mode

Powered by the latest SwiftUI framework from Apple

Document Icon

Document based, enabling you to share your projects with your team and edit mutliple projects at once with mutli tasking.

Works great with on-screen and attached hardware keyboard

HTTP Requests

  • Send requests to HTTP endpoints, add custom headers and query parameters.

  • Inspect the most recent HTTP exchange: view the request as it was sent and the received server response.

Exchange View on Ipad



  • Open connections to WebSocket endpoints, add custom headers and query parameters.

  • Keep multiple connections open at once.

  • Switch between active and historic connections and browse connection history.

  • Create local webosket server on your device to test and validat your client code.


  • Save commonly used messages as templates alongside the connection.

  • Browse sent/received messages with timestamps in the connection history.

Websocket connection Ipad ScreenshotWebsocket connection Ipad Screenshot